The arch was used frequently in Roman architecture, and when it’s used in today’s modern homes it has a timeless appeal that helps open up the space and create a unique look.  An arched or extended arched window will add architectural interest to your home and increase the overall curb appeal.  One of the most common types of specialty windows, arched windows add charm and character to your house but can also offer a particular set of challenges when it comes to privacy and light control.  Window fashions from Hunter Douglas answer these challenges with a variety of different options, allowing for a broad range of light-filtering and privacy possibilities.  Arches can come in many different sizes and go by many different names including stationary, extended, half circle, half moon, quarter circle, perfect arch, imperfect arch, eyebrow arch and Gothic.


Stationary, non-operable honeycomb shades are available in the Applause, Duette and Duette Architella collections for arched windows. For the arched windows where more light and privacy control are necessary, Hunter Douglas offers the EasyView Arch in the Duette & Duette Architella honeycomb collection, using a revolutionary design that allows you to raise and lower the shade. In addition the cellular fabric runs horizontally in the EasyView arch, matching that of the shades below or elsewhere in your room..


Silhouette and Nantucket Window Coverings are an ideal choice for your arched windows if you are looking to dress the window and coordinate with existing privacy sheers in the room. This is a stationary arched window treatment, that cannot be raised or lowered and the vanes cannot be tilted. At the time of ordering you will be offered the option for the vanes to be manufactured in the open position or the closed position.


With Hunter Douglas Pirouette window shadings, the look and feel of a traditional fabric shade is enhanced. Uniquely designed with soft, horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing, the Pirouette window shadings control light in an entirely new way. For arched windows, the Pirouette window shading is available as a non-operable covering with the vanes closed in a contoured position.


Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades feature consistent folds and no exposed rear cords, keeping the look of your windows uncluttered. Available as a 4” fold for that traditional, yet modern look, or a 6” flat fold that is nicely pressed for a defined finish. Available for arched windows as a non-operable stationary window treatment.


Available as a fixed slat specialty shape in either a 2” or 2 ½” slat size. Angled upwards at a 45 degree angle to allow natural light to enter the room, while still providing a moderate amount of privacy. The Hunter Douglas wood and faux wood collections are an economical choice for your specialty shaped windows.


Arched top panels allow coverage of these special openings with Shutter panels that have a contoured shape at the top. Available with framed or un-framed design, and with operable louvers.