Choosing the right kind of shades for your windows can be a tough decision considering how many types there are out there. You also need to take into consideration window size, window placement, and other things such as how safe the blinds are in regard to pets and children. If you are looking for blinds that are very effective at blocking light, easy to install, and are child and pet safe, cordless cellular shades just might be the right choice for you.


How Do Cordless Cellular Shades Work?


Cordless cellular shades are pretty easy to operate. The motorized option is the easiest to handle as you can operate them with a remote. You can also choose the kind that lift from the bottom, from the top, or by using the plastic lips or the top and bottom rails. You can adjust them in whatever manner you prefer to let light in – either lower the top or raise the bottom, making them an ideal choice for spaces like bathrooms or rooms with windows at street level.


An Insulating Solution


If you are looking for a window covering that insulates, there is no better out there than cellular shades. They are great at keeping your house cool on the hottest days and keeping it warm on the cooler days, letting you save on energy costs all year round. The cellular design of the shade traps air, effectively creating a barrier between the window and the room. For increased insulation, you can choose a double cellular shade that has two full layers of cells.


As a part of being so good at insulating, these shades are also capable of dampening sound, which makes them a great choice for windows that face busy and noisy streets, parks, or neighbours.


A Stylish Option


Cellular shades are very popular, and because of this it is easy to find them in almost any color and style. Keep in mind that the cell size of these shades can affect the presentation of the color you choose. Regardless of whether you want neutral, pastel, or bright colors, you will be able to find cellular shades that perfectly match your interior aesthetic.


Providing Privacy


Another benefit of cellular shades is that they also function as a privacy covering. Because of how adjustable these shades are, you can have whatever level of privacy you require, including a total blackout, light filtering or sheer. You can bask in your preferred amount of sunlight without having to worry about someone being able to peer into your place.


The Safest Window Covering Choice


It is common knowledge that the dangling strings that come from conventional types of blinds can be hazardous to small pets and children. Cordless cellular shades eliminate that problem, as the cords are all internal. This makes cordless cellular shades the best choice for homes that have small children or animals.


Combining Function and Versatility


As you can see, cordless cellular window shades offer a lot more versatility and function than other conventional window coverings do. You can save money on cooling and heating, reduce outside noise, create a safer space for your kids and pets, and have precisely the right amount of privacy and light that you want.