When it comes to window blinds, there are plenty of options available. Many people love the look of wood blinds, and rightly so, but wood blinds have their drawbacks. First, they are not able to withstand high moisture and humidity levels. Second, wood blinds can be very expensive.

So, what do you do if you want wood blinds but have concerns? You turn to faux wood blinds!

Faux or fake, wood blinds have the same look of real wood without the worry of how they will hold up and without the extra expense.


How Faux Wood Blinds Differ from the Real Thing


Because faux wood blinds are made of vinyl, they can withstand the effects of a hot sun beating through a window and high humidity levels. Both of which can render wood blinds useless as they warp and fade in colour. This makes wood blinds perfect for the kitchen or in the bathroom. They provide a homeowner with the ability to maintain a consistent look throughout the house without watching your wood blinds slowly lose their shape.

The nature of the faux wood vinyl makes it more durable against breaking, requiring more force to snap a faux wood blind than real wood.  And since faux wood blinds are much more economical than wood blinds, they can fit into any budget while still providing that look of real wood.


How Faux Wood Blinds are Made


Thick vinyl is cut and shaped accordingly and then grooved to give it that look of real wood. What makes faux wood blinds very durable to take on the heat of the sun as they hang in a window, is the coating of UV inhibitors. This helps to maintain the shape and colour of the blinds.

Speaking of colour, faux wood blinds have a number of options to choose from in terms of shades and textures. They are available in solid colours like white or beige, without the graininess of wood. You can also get them with a 3-dimensional texture of real wood as it is embossed onto each slat. Or for a more authentic wood look, these blinds also come in wood-like colours, including mahogany and walnut.

Even though you might opt for faux wood blinds instead of the real thing, that does not have to affect any of the luxuries you would expect from high-end blinds. A cordless blind option is simple and easy, while also eliminating all the dangling cords. This not only makes the blinds convenient, but it also makes them safe for children and pets.

Going faux is not a bad thing. In fact, faux wood blinds are an excellent choice for so many homeowners who want the appearance of real wood without the cost. They also save on the worry of wood blinds that can warp or fade.

So, when you are considering new blinds and want the look of real wood, check out faux wood first. You will be surprised at how real faux wood can be.