French garden doors often have glass inserts that give them an attractive, airy look; they typically lead out to a backyard providing a view of flowers, trees and lawn to show through from inside a home.  In addition to the view, French garden doors can allow natural light to enter the home, minimizing the need for artificial lighting.


Stunning beauty with endless choices. These beautiful shades provide ultimate UV protection to shield your furniture and valuables from harsh UV rays, while still providing a view through when tilted open! Nearly invisible floating vanes in sizes up to 4 inches,they allow the outdoor space to become a part of your home! For complete unobstructed views out your door, these shades completely disappear within the head rail. When privacy is a concern,simply lower the shades and tilt them closed. If a low profile head rail is preferred Hunter Douglas also offers a Tilt Only Silhouette option, that allows for tilting of the vanes only. An ideal solution for those French garden doors that don’t have the necessary room for the larger Silhouette/Nantucket head rail.


A Classic style updated!! With their soft fabric folds, the Hunter Douglas Roman Shades will dramatically enhance the look of your French Garden doors. Offered with a low profile head rail and Bottom hold down brackets, these shades are ideal for providing Solar heat protection and an additional R-Value at the door. Available with the Top Down Bottom up feature, these shades offer you the option to choose the perfect amount of light and privacy.


A Modern twist on the Traditional Roman Shade. Hunter Douglas has done it again, by combining the look of their classic Roman shades with the ever so popular Honeycomb, they have created the unique look of the Solera Soft Shades. Featuring a low profile head rail and large pleats these shades offer a distinctive style to enhance your room’s décor.


Crisp, Clean, Modern Honeycomb Shades. Due to their minimal stacking height, small head rail, and affordability,customers often choose the Honeycomb style for their French Garden Doors. With the options for Cordless operating and Top Down Bottom Up feature, these shades allow for a low profile covering with amazing energy efficiency.


Bring the outdoors in, with Woven Woods from Hunter Douglas. Hand-woven, lightweight shades offered in woods, reeds, and grasses. Contemporary selection of styles and design options available to complement any style, including the option of light filtering or room darkening liners for added privacy.


Simplicity at its finest. For a simple, clean, minimalistic look for your French garden doors we recommend the Roller/Screen Shades. When lowered they lay flat along the window trim and when raised are completely hidden within the Cassette top treatment or behind the optional Flat Fabric Valence. Options for Cordless operating system or our revolutionary Ultraglide Retractable Cord system, allows for pet and child safety features. Easy to clean fabric choices, makes this an ideal solution for the French Garden door that is used frequently.