As desirable as it is to get plenty of natural light in your home, there is one big drawback: it can seriously affect the length and quality of your sleep. Most people require between seven to eight hours of sleep a night in order to function normally, and if you are regularly getting less than that, it can lead to you feeling perpetually out of sorts, tired, and in a bad mood. If you are looking for a way to ensure that sunlight is not interrupting your sleep, there are numerous different window treatments you can consider.

Blackout Shades with Light Blocking Channels



These are the best methods of blocking out natural light due to the innovative channels used to conceal the light gaps (which you can see in the picture to the right – light gaps) which are inherent with inside mounted shades.


For a modern, sleek design blackout Roller Shade fabrics combined with aluminum side channels, bottom sill channels and sealed hem bar, fitted with light-blocking wool pile to prevent light leakage around the edges.  With a multitude of colors and patterns the Hunter Douglas Roller Shade Blockout system is ideal for any room where maximum room darkening is necessary.


The Hunter Douglas Duette LightLock system provides outstanding heat control and insulation, while also achieving 100% darkness within the room. By combining the award winning Duette Honeycomb Shade with ingenious U-shaped side channels featuring a black ridged interior surface.  With the patent pending design of these side channels all light is captured and absorbed preventing light seepage into the room. These shades are specifically engineered to provide complete blackout including eliminating the halo effect usually seen with room darkening shades. Offered with an expansive range of colors, patterns and textures to match any décor, these shades are ideal for the homeowner who wants timeless beauty, outstanding energy efficiency and ultimate light control.


Blackout Shades


Standard blackout shades are available in a large variety of styles, ensuring the perfect look to accent your homes design.  Some of the most effective variants include:


Roman Shades: Roman Shades with their graceful soft fabric folds tend to be more decorative than other types of shades. Combine them with an attached blackout liner for a classic look that effectively prevents sunlight from entering a room.  For a more versatile option, the Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shade with Duolite combines a light filtering front Roman Shade fabric with an independently operated blackout Roller Shade nestled behind it.


Cellular Shades: With a pattern reminiscent of a honeycomb from a beehive, Cellular shades are one of the most reliable blackout methods in window coverings, particularly those fabrics that are internally lined with mylar. The honeycomb design of these shades have the added benefit of reducing heat in the summer, cold in the winter and even reducing outside noise.


Silhouette Privacy Sheers: Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings feature soft S-shaped fabric vanes that appear to float between two sheer fabrics. Available with room dimming fabrics, however for the best in light control these shades are offered with an independently operated blackout Roller Shade positioned behind the privacy sheers.  By adjusting the fabric vanes and adjusting the blackout Roller Shade, these window coverings provide day and night privacy, light filtering and blackout.


Roller Shades: Modern and sophisticated, Roller Shades fit easily into the window frame and offer a budget friendly, easy to maintain solution for your room darkening.  For maximum light blockage look for vinyl shades as the material is far more effective at blocking out the sun than other materials.


Shutters and Blinds


Typically shutters and blinds aren’t the best at blacking out a room- however, if you choose the right type, they can still do the job. With shutters, be sure to choose the kind with wider slats as there’s less space for light to peek through. The type of material blinds and shutters are made out of is also crucial: avoid thin, flimsy construction and instead opt for composite wood or aluminum styles.


Ultimately, what type of window treatment you choose to go with will depend on your style and preference. As outlined above, there are several options of many style types, even soundproof curtains. However, if you want to improve your sleep, base your choice on how effectual a treatment is at completely blocking sunlight from all angles. If you are looking for a very efficient window treatment, keep in mind that many shades and blinds also act as insulators, preventing hot and cold air from leaking out of your home. This will help your room stay closer to your ideal temperature to help you sleep better also.

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