There are many options for window shades now. Not only do they come in a variety of colours, fabric and types, you are able to get blinds customized even for your oddly shaped windows. With so many to choose from it can be hard to eliminate the choices down to your favorite ones.


One of the best options out there are the Top Down Bottom Up shades. This option provides you with the ability to keep your privacy all the while letting the sunlight in. Most homes have large windows in the living room, dining room and a lot of times the master bedroom. These are areas that we tend to like being able to enjoy the ability to look outside, having the “open” feeling and letting sunlight in. However, having your windows wide open not only lets you look outside, but the outside can look in. This is where having the Top Down Bottom Up shades can help.


To use the Top Down Bottom Up shades, you can either open them from the bottom to the top or the top to the bottom, stopping wherever you please. This versatility allows you to have as much or as little open either from either end depending on your needs. So, if you are wanting to have the shades open, but want to keep your privacy, you can simply lower the shades from the top while the bottom portion stays closed keeping your home private to the outside.


Other benefits of these shades are that you are able to adjust how much sunlight is let in and what part of your home is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Over time our flooring, walls, furniture, photos all can become damaged from being overly exposed to sunlight. You may notice when you go to move a picture that has been hanging in the same spot for many years that the paint colour behind the picture is darker than that of the rest of the walls. This is what happens when things are constantly exposed to sunlight. With the Top Down Bottom Up shades, the ability to adjust the amount of sunlight that is let in helps protect the interior of your home and yourself from UV rays.


Using the ability to change the heights of these shades can also add an element of design to your home. By opening the shades at different heights, you can add dynamic to the overall look of a room. So, don’t overlook this aspect of having quality shades installed in your home. Use them to your advantage to create a great interior design look not only by choosing the right colour, but by creating an aesthetic look from the many different possibilities you have from staggering the shades.


One of the great things about Top Down Bottom Up shades is that when they are professional installed you can be assured that they will fit perfectly which will create a solid fit over the window. This is especially important for bedrooms where you do not want gaps for sunlight to escape through. Having shades that fully cover the window top to bottom helps you get the sleep that you need. There are many options of colours and fabric types also, from black out fabric for bedrooms to sheers for the dining room. When you contact Cover Your Windows, we can help you find the right shades for any room.