Sidelight windows are the narrow, vertical window panels that border the sides of a front entry door.  They are aesthetically pleasing and increase the perceived size of the door, giving it more of a presence on the façade of the home.  As good as it looks as an architectural feature; a sidelight panel can be difficult to cover when you want privacy at the front door.


The ideal solution for narrow windows, Hunter Douglas offers a revolutionary cordless operable sidelight shade.  With their easy operation, and optional top down bottom up feature you can adjust the shade to allow light in through the top while maintaining privacy below.


For enhanced splendor in your stunning foyer, choose Silhouette or Luminette Privacy Sheers to transform the look of your front entry. The beauty of the sheer backing gently diffuses sunlight and allows for a clear view out while providing you with daytime privacy. For sidelights with minimal mounting surface the Silhouette Tilt Only option offers a sleek low profile head rail, and the ability to tilt the vanes at any angle you desire.


Customizable to fit your sidelights, Hunter Douglas shutters will provide you with a sophisticated appearance and superb durability. Adjustable louvers allow for the ability to determine how much, or how little sunlight and privacy you want.


Skylights are literally windows in the roof.  They allow you to bring a bit of the blue sky, or the splendor of the stars and moon inside.  They can increase the warmth and brightness of any room with natural daylight, and enliven a house dramatically while cutting down on the need for artificial light.  However they can also be a source of heat loss or heat gain and for those instances a functional window covering is necessary to maintain the comfort of your home.


A skylight in the roof of a house will typically lose 35 to 45 percent more heat during the winter months than the exact same window installed on the side of your house. That’s because heat rises. As the warm air in the house rises towards the ceiling it comes in contact with the cold surface of the skylight, the air is cooled and falls, forming a draft loop that can dramatically decrease comfort. In addition to this skylights can allow as much as four times the amount of solar heat into
your home during the summer months. By installing the Hunter Douglas operable skylift system, designed specifically for Skylights, you can effectively reduce your energy consumption and create a comfortable living space. Paired with PowerView Motorization, even the highest skylight in your home can be easily operated with the touch of a button.