People who live in smaller apartments or suites often look for ways to make it seem like they have way more square footage than they actually do. This can include arranging artwork, floor coverings, and furniture in creative ways. There is one simple, surefire way to make your living space look bigger than it is, and that is by using blinds. The right kind of window treatment can make a huge difference in how it accentuates the area and gives the appearance of increasing a room’s square footage. If you are interested in learning how to use blinds to your advantage, keep reading over the informative list of tips below.


Merge Utility with Aesthetics


You will want whatever blinds you choose to meld with the overall decor of the room they are going into. This means you will have to make your choice based on color, length, and opaqueness. If you are trying to go for a room enlarging feel, it is best to stick with lighter colors. Darker colors tend to make a space feel more enclosed, by choosing white, cream, or eggshell type colors, the blinds will lend a peaceful, airy feeling to the room.


Sheer blinds are another great option for making a space feel larger, but not everyone is comfortable with the privacy level that sheer blinds offer. If that does not bother you, you will be impressed with just how much natural light that sheer blinds let into a room, which in turn can make it feel a lot larger than it actually is. However, there are blinds available that have both sheer and full privacy options together in one.


If you prefer the function of shades over blinds, keep in mind that lighter colors are still going to be the best choice. In addition, avoid patterned or textured shades, as they can actually make a room feel smaller than it is. Your best choice is solid, light colored shades to achieve the goal you want.


Keep Window Coverings Flush with Windows


Anytime you are selecting a window covering for a smaller room, make sure that what you go with is flush with the actual window. Vertical blinds and heavy fabric roman shades are typically bad for this. For a better fit and overall aesthetic, stick with classic blinds, wood blinds, or even roller shades. If you hire a professional installer, you will be assured a perfect fit.


Use Mirrors to Your Advantage


Mirrors are commonly used in interior design to make rooms feel bigger by placing them strategically. If you use one to reflect a window, it gives the illusion of more light entering the room, which in turn will make it seem like there is a lot more space than there is. Experiment with some decorative mirrors to see what kind of affect you can get.


Plan for Low Ceilings


Low ceilings give the appearance of a short and squat room. You can work around this issue quite easily by making sure that any window coverings you use are mounted close to the ceiling. This will have the tendency to draw people’s eyes up rather than down, and make the roof seem a lot more vertical adding the illusion of height.


Declutter the Area Around Windows


Clutter such as furniture, plants, and shelving located around windows can make things far more enclosed. Try and declutter the space around your windows to make it seem more open and give a clear line of sight toward the windows. You will be surprised by how much larger a room will feel with a distinct lack of clutter.