There are many things that can be an inconvenience in our home or office when dealing with window coverings. Some of those things may be tall windows, skylights, having multiple windows, or hard to open and close window shades due to a disability. Thankfully, there are options for these windows so that you are able to freely open and close the shades quickly and easily. A terrific option for these situations is motorized shades. These shades are run by a motor instead of cords and they do not need to be hard wired in either as they run on batteries.


Added Convenience


Motorized shades give anyone the ability to open or close their shades in those hard to reach spots without the need of a ladder. A simple push of the button and you can choose how much or how little you would like the shades to be opened. If you have a skylight for example, having the option to block out the sun during the heat of the day is important to keep your house cool. However, conventional shades have to be manually opened or closed. The cords or chains from a lot of these blinds and shades can become tangled or break causing you the need of repairs or replacements. When you install motorized shades, you can easily close the shade and block any extra sunlight from coming in.

If you are a business owner of a large building, having motorized blinds would limit the amount of time that is needed to open or close multiple large windows. If you are in a conference room that has many windows and are needing to close them all due to a presentation, for example, the ability to close the shades all at once saves valuable time for everyone. You are also able to open or close windows individually or in groups.




An added bonus to motorized shades is that they can be programmed. This allows you to set them to lower and rise at certain times of the day. If you are gone all day or decide to leave on a trip, this will give your home the appearance of not being empty adding a level of security to your home. The other benefit of being able to have your shades timed is that if you are gone till the evening, it allows you to either close the shades to block out the house keeping it cooler in the summer or open them to allow the warm sun to come in during the winter.




The great thing about purchasing motorized shades is that you can have the convenience of programing and security without losing out on any aesthetic appeal. These shades come in multiple styles and colours to allow you to choose which would best suit your décor.

All in all motorized shades have a lot of appeal. They can add great value to your home when you have this latest home technology installed. Be sure to contact your local professional window treatment company, like Cover Your Windows, to discuss motorized shades properly fitted and installed in your home. Follow us here and here!